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Chemical and Biochemical Fundamentals

The essential characteristics of honey are the inverted reducing sugars, composed of levulose and glucose, high energy carbohydrates. These make up between 65% and 70% of the total components of this natural food. Both sugars are composed of a single molecule (monosaccharides) and their polarized light that passes through a quartz crystal, turns to the left, which is why they are called levogyrus sugars.
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Minerals or Inorganic Elements (Ashes)

INTA's analyses, as far as minerals are concerned, showed a percentage presence of 4.66%. In general, the percentage of inorganic elements in the human diet is reduced, except for sodium chloride, which is added artificially. However, there are minerals recognized as "essential" that determine important effects in nutrition, such as Calcium, Iodine and Iron, which need the presence of Copper in order to act.
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Honey Sugars

The bee, at the moment of discharging the nectar into the cells of the honeycomb, penetrates it with its back down and its legs up and extends it by turning its head from one side to the other. During all this time, its jaws remain in movement and, as the liquid covers its glands, the secretion from these is incorporated into the nectar.
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Our ProductIn analyses carried out, 4000 calories per Kg have been verified, that is, 400 calories per 100 grs. of concentrated honey. The items developed in this analytical study and their concentration in the honey treated with R.M.N. elevate it to such high calories making them susceptible to be "burned" in our organism granting a potential energy superior to any known natural food.
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Our history

In 1969, Mr. Ciro Fernández Barros; Civil Engineer with a mention in High Mathematics from the University of Concepción, and self-taught in the study of Nuclear Physics and Astronomy; made the first calculations on the subject of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR), until today quite unknown. He came to understand the influence that gamma and ultraviolet rays exerted on living organisms, and understood that these rays, in interaction with the artificial geomagnetism developed by man, would be the cause of different types of cancer.

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After more than twenty-five years of research, he discovered that, in order to neutralize the harmful influence of extreme rays, increased by the decrease of the ozone layer, it was necessary to incorporate a magnetic field, also external, that acted directly on the cells of the organisms. Continuing his research, he discovered that the honey of the bees Our History. It neutralized the action of gamma and ultraviolet rays when it was enhanced by an external magnetic field of particular characteristics and that, decertified and incorporating fat-free milk, the preparation penetrated the organism by osmosis and directly into the bloodstream, acting on the cells, especially at the neuronal level. With this magnetic intervention on a nuclear level, whose morphology is similar to beehives by its hexagonal form, he discovered that harmful effects of gamma and ultraviolet rays were neutralized, restoring the balance of affected organisms. Thanks to the investigations of Mr. Ciro Fernández Barros, today we have within our reach an efficient and proven antagonist of diseases such as the diverse types of cancer, diseases of the digestive system, of the bone, neurological and respiratory systems; of the skin and also of the muscles, being also an efficient energetic and healing when used in the appropriate doses and prescriptions.

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What is R.M.N.

R.M.N. is a wonderful discovery that helps Medical Science.

R.M.N. is a paste based on bee honey, leNuestro Productoche and an incorporated magnetic field, which acts directly at the neuronal level with proven healing properties for diseases such as: Cancer of the bones, skin, lungs, blood, gastric cancer, osteoporosis, arthritis, varicose veins, pernicious aplastic anemia, high cholesterol, diabetes, neurosis, among many other ailments.

There are countless patients with limited life expectancies who have exceeded the worst expectations, thus demonstrating that thanks to years of research R.M.N. has fulfilled the purposes for which it was created.

Our product

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

It is a product made from completely natural bee honey, to which by adding fat-free milk and subjecting this combination to a magnetic field, it results in a paste which, when administered in the right way and according to the right dosimetry, acts at a neurocellular level against a wide range of diseases.

Our supplies

MRI is made with 100% natural products. Our honey is acquired from rigorously selected suppliers, whose honey production is free of any external chemical agent.
Likewise, the incorporated and fat-free milk is 100% certified according to Chilean health and MRI production standards.

Our facilities

Located in the commune of Maule, seventh region of Chile. Our company is located in a natural environment. It produces electromagnetically activated food based on honey and enriched milk. Nevertheless, they have everything necessary for an optimal production in compliance with all the sanitary norms in force in Chile.

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